ASTM E1-98


Standard Specification for ASTM Thermometers
standard by ASTM International, 01/01/1998



1.1 This specification covers liquid-in-glass thermometers graduated in Celsius (centigrade) or Fahrenheit degrees which are frequently specified in methods of ASTM. The various thermometers covered are listed in . The designation of an IP number in indicates, where appearing, that the thermometer specification has been jointly agreed upon by the British Institute of Petroleum (IP) and ASTM.

1.2 This specification also covers adjustable-range enclosed-scale thermometers, graduated in Celsius (centigrade) degrees, which are specified in methods of ASTM.

1.3 The enclosed-scale thermometers are commonly called Beckmann thermometers. They are suitable for measuring small temperature differences not exceeding 6° C within a larger range of temperature. The thermometers are unsuitable for measuring Celsius- or kelvin-scale temperatures unless they have been compared with standard instruments immediately before use.

1.4 An alphabetic list of the ASTM Thermometers included in this standard is given in Table 2.

1.5 A list of ASTM Thermometers is given in Table 3 to facilitate selection according to temperature range, immersion, and scale-error requirements.

Note 1 – For a listing of thermometers recommended for general laboratory use, the Scientific Apparatus Makers Assn. Specifications for General Purpose Glass Laboratory Thermometers may be consulted.

Note 2 – It has been found by experience that these ASTM Thermometers, although developed in general for specific tests, may also be found suitable for other applications, thus precluding the need for new thermometer specifications differing in only minor features.

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