API MPMS Chapter 11.2.4 (R2012)


API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 11-Physical Properties Data, Section 2, Part 4-Temperature Correction for the Volume of NGL and LPG Tables 23E, 24E, 53E, 54E, 59E, and 60E, First Edition, Includes Errata (Sep 2011) (API 11.2.4 / GPA TP-27)
Handbook / Manual / Guide by American Petroleum Institute, 09/01/2007



This publication, co-published as GPA TP-27, is an updated version of TP-25. The actual Standard represented by this report consists of the explicit implementation procedures. Sample tables, flow charts, and specific examples created from a computerized version of these implementation procedures are included. The examples are to provide guides and check points to those who wish to implement a computerized procedure to represent the Standard, however these are not a part of the actual Standard.

This Standard covers a 60°F relative density range of 0.3500 to 0.6880 which nominally equates to a density at 15°C of 351.7 to 687.8 kg/m3 and a density at 20°C of 331.7 to 683.6 kg/m3. The temperature range of this Standard is -50.8 to 199.4°F (-46 to 93°C). At all conditions, the pressure is assumed to be at saturation conditions (also known as bubble point or saturation vapor pressure).

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